Gym day 1!

Well after a 10 hour day at work I decided that was it I am off to the gym!!! Yup its 3 degrees outside and off I went to the gym.  Thrown away was the idea of sitting at home on the sofa in my fluffy pyjamas eating pasta…..The treadmill awaited.

Now I use to be reasonably fit, I used to dance a lot so I thought it wont be too bad going back to the gym, boy was I wrong!!!!

So I forgot to take my fitbit so I don’t have any data unfortunately but I managed 15 mins treadmill, 15 mins bike and 15 mins cross trainer and then another 10 mins warm down on the treadmill.

As I was in new gym trainers and had a damaged knee I didn’t want to over do things and I have to say I really felt it was an effort which just goes to show how unfit I have become.

Still day 1 is done and in my opinion it’s always the hardest day.  So the plan is every other day to build up the fitness levels and then tackle some classes.

oh yeah and it was bloody freezing when I ame out the gym and I had to walk past Nando’s to get home (man that was hard)!

Who else is getting fit this year?


A new direction for the blog!

I will admit my blog has been seriously under loved! The pictures are pants and the content is not the best.  So I have decided to take the blog in a new direction as I do struggle to write about one single topic.

So what is the blog going to be about now???

Well a bit of everything, I love make up but it will also include my gym progress (well I hope it will be progress) as well as all things nails, skincare and general life musings.

Yeah yeah I know everyone makes new years resolutions to go the gym and eat healthy. Well I have to.  My weight is affecting my health its making my joints hurt and besides I am off to Australia at the end of February so I would like to be a bit trimmer and more healthy.

So keep your eyes peeled for a variety of posts.



ps. feel free to recommend topics you want me to cover.

2 months since my last post!!!

I know I know its been an age since my last blog post! So I thought I would write this one to let you all know I am still here but I have just been crazy busy.

So what have I been up to I hear you all ask? Well as you all know by now I can never stay still for very long so whilst undertaking photoshoots and wedding trials I have also undertaken my NVQ 2 in nail services with the beauty academy.

On completion it means I will be a fully qualified nail technician, Its a lot of work though but I am hoping to be finished by December.  I have also undertaken an airbrush course which has allowed me to apply airbrush foundations which give a beautiful flawless finish.  Also to top it off  I have joined business forces with my mum to offer massage and facials as well as nails and make up.

A waxing course is in the pipeline too.  So as you can imagine its very busy

Also keep you eyes open for some of my published make up artist work coming up.  I guess this blog will be going in a new direction as I focus on being a make up artist and nail technician.  It wont just be reviews on products but also talking about different application methods etc.

So hopefully this will be a bit more of an active blog from now on.

hope your all well


Urban Decay Vice lipstick

I am a big fan of Urban Decay and I do own a lot of their products, I love the quirky names and the pigments on the eyeshadows are always a win for me.  Urban Decay brought out a new range of lipsticks which is called their vice range.

The vice range includes 100 different shades in 7 different finishes, the finishes are Metallized, cream, sheer, sheer shimmer, comfort matte and mega matte.

Now I personally do not often go for matte shades as I love creams and sheer colours.  I find they just feel a bit more comfortable on my lips.  I purchased 3 lipsticks 2 of which were cream and 1 metallized in the shades wierdo, cruel and ravenswood

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from the metallized lipstick as I am not a massive fan of metallic lipsticks but these are not metallic they have a strong pigment of colour with a lovely pop of almost glittery colour.  It lasted a good 4 hours without using a lip primer or lip pencil so I think the staying power is pretty good.

The cream textures are my favourite as they glide on beautifully as with all things urban decay the pigmentation is amazing!  Wierdo is a beautiful pinky nude colour and ravenswoods is a lovely nude / plum.  With the cream colours I got a good 6 hours of wear without any lip prep so I cant wait to use these when I have primed and lined my lips.  I think these will defiantly last all day.

The packaging is beautiful with a metal silver and gold case which I think looks lovely and a lot more expensive then it is.  These retail at £15 which I think is a great price for a really super lipstick.



Violet eyes cosmetics

Violet eyes cosmetics also known as VE cosmetics are a vegan friendly, animal cruelty free brand of cosmetics.  It came about after the owner violet who is a former model kept getting asked what products she was using on her skin (she is gorgeous by the way, go check her out), it turned out that she made her own products as she then knew exactly what ingredients went in to the products and also knew they would not irritate her skin or be tested on animals.

So she set out with her own business and now sells a wide range of skincare, bath stuff and cosmetics.

So I brought a few things from the website and delivery was super quick but for today I am going to review the summertime pallete and the unicorn drool palette.

The summer time palette is a beautiful shimmery pink palette, the pigment is super intense and there is no fallout.  It almost looks like a foiled eyeshadow when its applied dry but blends out so pretty and sheer if you want it to.

I have also found the palest pink makes a very beautiful highlighter if your super pale like me.

The unicorn drool palette is a beautiful palette, as a lover of unicorns I had to have it  It contains 2 shimmer shades and 2 matte shades.  These work together beautifully and as per the summertime palette the shades are super pigmented with no fallout.

I can no wait to try the liquid lipsticks and some of the skincare.  as the palettes were a definite welcome addition to my kit.

have you tried the brand?

you can find them here, and here


2 days vintage hair for camera course

Those of you that know me will know I don’t like to stay still for very long. I generally need to be doing or learning something.  Fortunately for me I was contacted by the vintage hair lounge and was invited on their 2 day vintage hair for camera course.

Now I have never in my life done any hair styling, on a good day I might straighten my hair but that’s about it, but hey I love all things vintage and I would love to be able to style hair so of course I jumped at the chance to do the course.

The vintage hair lounge is based in Southampton and is run by Sharon and Gloria Holloway.  A mother and daughter team who I swear know everything there is to know about hair so there was no one better to teach a beginner like me.  I went with the expectations of if I can do 2 styles of hair I would be happy.

So did it live up to my expectations? oh yes most definatly! The course covered so much incluing the history of hairstyling which gave a fantastic basis on how to style the hair and why it was worn in that particular style.  We  practised on blocks on the first day (for non hairdressers they are plastic heads of hair).  By the end of day one I had managed to do Victory rolls, French pleats and beehives as well as other techniques.

Day 2 meant we would be working on real models as we were styling hair for a professional photoshoot, make up done by the amazing Sharon Holloway (check out her work) and photography by Scott Chalmers (check his work out also).  My first look was a 1940’s wrap with rolls and it looked amazing when finished. My second look was a half up half down beehive which was stunning.  I personally can not wait to receive the pictures, although I must say I am not sure the backstage pics will be very glam.  I felt so supported during my time at the vintage hair lounge and Gloria and Sharon were so patient when I had so many questions.  I wholeheartedly recommend this course to everyone.


below is a picture of my first practice attempt after the course and I think this just proves that this course defiantly teaches you a lot.


Whats my face worth?

I  must admit I have seen a few of these blog posts around and I hate the title, I love the idea of adding up the costs of the products you use on a daily basis but suggesting my face is only worth that??? hmmm no I don’t like that idea I like to think of us all as priceless for our individuality

Anyway I digress I thought it would be a bit of fun to write about my daily make up, not what I wear to work each day because that’s hardly anything. I am talking about day to day if I am going out shopping or meeting the girls for lunch.

Illamasca Hydraveil £32.00 I love this as a primer it cools my skin and takes away any redness that I have going on.  It also helps make my make up last all day and seems to stop any dryness too.

Urban decay Naked foundation £27.00 – I really like this foundation, its lightweight and super quick to apply with a buildable coverage. I find it makes my skin look glowy and beautiful.

Urban decay naked concealer – £17.50 – this is a great little concealer that covers my dark circles and lasts all day.

Urban decay 8 hour blusher £19.00 – I have this is the shade crush which reminds me or nars orgasm a lovely pink with a gold peachy glow.

Tarte Tartelette in bloom £33 – I can not live without this palette as it covers all basis with a range of finishes.

Eye of horus liquid define eyeliner £16.00 – This is the best liner pen I have found to do a flick eyeliner quick. Its very black and doesn’t smudge.

Bare minerals lash domination mascara £18.  – I will be honest I do not stick to one type of mascara and this is just one I am using at the moment that I got in the Jan sales (its only just been opened)

Saturated colour lip vinyl £7.00 I have this in the shade first date which is a lovely natural pink.


So my total is £169.70 which I don’t think is too bad but that is only what I use on a day to day basis not if I am on  a night out, I am too scared to even add up the cost of my make up kit.

So what do you wear on a daily basis? Did you realise just how expensive you face is?

let me know


ps. I know I forgot to add on brushes but they are all Zoeva