Skin prep

Skin prep is uber important in the make up world! Yes its lovely to paint your face with all the products you can find but it all goes a bit horribly wrong if you do prep your skin beforehand.

How many of us have  said

‘my foundation just doesn’t last’

‘my make up goes patchy’

Sounds familiar? well it could be down to how your preparing you skin.  Lets be honest a decorator will not just slap some paint on a random wall without prepping first and we should do this to our skin.  So what prep do we need? Well its going to have to involve more then just a make up wife and a blob of moisturiser.

Lets think about your normal day to day make up. We firstly need to cleanse that skin you need a simple clean surface thats had all grime, pollution, excess oil and last nights make up reminance (we have all done it), next up is a toner I personally like to use a glycolic toner to help remove any excess dead skin and tighten my skin up.  Next up I pop on a lovely hudrating moisturiser and make sure I apply to all areas of the face.

The I leave it for a good 5 mins (or how every long it takes me to do eyeshadow) so it has time to absorb in to my skin.  I then go in with a primer and I like to keep the primer the same formula as my foundation.  So if I have a silicone primer I will use a silicone primer as this reduces the risk of the 2 products not working harmoniously (imagine oil and water).

And there you have it a simple skin prep for fab foundation application.

Please note this is not a skincare post so I haven’t included serums / sun cream/ oils etc.


So what skin prep do you love?

Let me know

How did she do it???

Hi all

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You may have noticed that I posted some behind the scenes pictures from a shoot I have recently done.  The model was a beautiful lady named Jess who was super lovely and working with my good photographer friend Andrew Clifton Brown.  Anyway the pictures involved a gorgeous glowy skin, brushed up brows and a bold red lip and I thought I would give a quick breakdown of what I used and in what order so you can create this timeless look in the comfort of your own home.

These were the images


Ok so I started with skin prep, there is no point skipping this step otherweis the make up just will not apply how it should and I am not just talking about a make up wipe.  I am talking clenser, glow tonic and some oil all massaged in to get a beautiful glow before we start.  Also I applied some firming under eye pads whilst I made a start on the eyes.

Eyebrows were just brushed up with SoapBrows

I used a mac paintpot as my eyebase just to even out eyelid colour and give the shadows something to stick too.  I used Viseart eyeshadows in a soft brown and a natural shimmer with a darker brown smudged along the lash line for a bit of definition.  Its a really simple eye look but so effective.  I also added on some strip lashes just to give a bit of lift and drama to the eyes.

The skin was a light veil of House of glamdolls foundation sheered out with the mixology and buffed in.  I also used Daniel Sandler water colour blush in the shade Acid and smashbox cream highlighter.

Now for the lips, we initially started with peaches and cream lip gloss in the shade babe and then when we changed it up to the red lip I used Make up designory lipstick in the shade burlesque.  It looks like an extremely dark in the bullet but as you can see from the image it applies in a really flattering red shade.

That’s it !! No heavy duty contours or tons of products just soft layers of good products.

Hair was super simple curled and brushed out and then scrunched with Bumble and bumble salt spray.

Now lets see yours!