My Favorite mascara’s

I love Mascara and I get through a lot of it, I have tried both high end and low end and below are listed my favorite ones.

Now for the record I find mascara smudges a lot on me so I always need one with alot of staying power.  I am not a massive fan of waterproof mascara for everyday use as I find it a bit harsh on my lashes.  Also my lashes are blond (unless they have been tinted) so I always need a blacker then black mascara.  So please keep these points in your mind when reading this post and choosing a mascara.

  1. Maybelline The Collosal mascara.  This is my all time favorite mascara that I have gone back to time and time again over the years.  Its a great black mascara with a decent size wand, I find it slightly honey scented and the staying power is amazing.  It holds my curl all day and is great for definition and volume.
  2. Fairydrops Scandal eyes.  The wand is bizarre if I am honest with three little balls and a curved wand I must admit I looked at it and thought ………………huh?!?  After use of course it all makes sense, the curved want to fit the curve of your eye and the balls to ensure each lash is coated.  Its a great formula that is amazing at holding a curl as well as adding volume.
  3. Eye of Horus.  I love this mascara for a natural look, it lasts forever and is a beautiful rich black but it wont give volume which is why I prefer it for my no make up days.
  4. YSL Faux cils.  I have this in the burgundy shade because I do love colored mascara, its a big brush and can get a bit messy.  It has a rich red pigment but fear not it is on a black base so you wont have bright red eyelashes.  I do find the red tint brings out the blue is my eyes but remember to clean the waterline or you will look like you have sore eyes.  It gives great volume but not so much of a curl.

Whats your favorite mascara?


Gym skin care!

So you all know I am a beauty lover…….or a beauty obsessive if you prefer and I have a huge passion for all things make up and skin care but if I am honest I cant take all my skincare to the gym. My gym bag is already bursting at the seams with 2 towels, flip flops and a change of clothes.  So what do I take?

well it would be very easy to just wash your face with shower gel and rush out the gym to carry on with the day / evening, but no I need to look after my skin especially at this time of year where it gets crazy dry but then exessivly sweaty in the gym.  So I keep things simple and make sure my skin care is as natural and gentle as possible.

Weleda almond cleansing lotion is perfect! Its gentle on sensitive skin but gives a really deep down clean (please note I don’t wear make up to the gym).  For shower gel it has to be weleda arnica shower gel to help all those aching muscles. Its especially good on the burning muscles post personal training session when I can barely get up the stairs after.

My moisturiser is the Weleda almond facial lotion. Its a light cream so does not feel to greasy on the skin but perfectly hydrates post shower and beause it absorbs so easily its perfect for when your on the go.

So there you go that’s my lil routine.  I don’t tend to put body lotion on at the gym which is naughty I know but when I get home I generally massage the relevant aching body parts with Weleda arnica massage balm as this helps to ease the muscles.

As you can tell I love my weleda products as they are easy to transport and idea to just slip in the gym bag.

Whats your favourite portable skincare?

Let me know

Things to think about when booking a Make Up Artist!!!

There are a lot of make up artists out there and like in any profession there are good make up artists and some not to good ones.  I have a lot of clients email me or come to me after having gone to a make up artist who was not up to par.  So listed below are some of my tips for when your booking a make up artist, regardless of if its a wedding, prom, photoshoot or you just want your make up done for the day.


I can not stand unhygienic practice so this is a big topic for me.  First of all lets be honest, people do judge by first appearance so does your MUA look professional and hygienic?  Is hair tied back? Did he/she clean her hands before she started touching your face?  This may just be a personal one for me so feel free to disregard the above paragraph.

Now more importantly in hygiene are the make up brushes clean?

Yes its a lot of faff cleaning and sanitizing a million brushes but it has to be done after every client.

 Is the same make up brush being used on you also being used on your best friend? To be honest I know a lot of artists clean brushes between clients by using IPA, personally I like using a different set of brushes per client.

Is that a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders can not be cleaned and sanitized properly due to their porous nature, who knows whats embedding in the middle of that little egg shaped sponge.

Is that a mascara wand?

Your mua should be using a disposable mascara wand or a mini fan brush,  Its not god practice to have what we call double dipping which means putting the wand in the mascara then on your eyelashes and then back in the mascara again.  It can cause spread of infections such as pink eye and conjunctivitis.  (I will let you google ‘lash mites’ for your own viewing pleasure)



Does your make up artist know about skin and what products are best for each skin type?

Can they do a look that does not involve a glitter cut crease with a big wing because lets be honest not all of us can pull of that look.  My mum for example can not because she is 65 and has older eyes.  Which brings me on to my next point, can they work on any age range and features? Whilst it is lovely to work on young skin with a lot of eyelid space we as artists need to be able to adapt our practice to suit our client.

All other important bits

Communication is so important, as an artist I like to know what type of look the client likes, are they allergic to anything, do they want lashes?  All very simple things but without communication we would be going in blind.

Insurance is also vital and no artist should be working without insurance.

Hope this helps you in booking your make up artist, and hopefully no one takes offense at any of my points.



Why I wont be buying the Urban Decay Heat palette!

I love all the reds and oranges in the palette, I love urban decay…..but no I wont be buying this palette.

Why!!!!!! I hear you all cry.

Well I have been using reds, orange and rose gold eye shadows for the last year at least, I have some beautiful reds and a rose gold in my Melt stacks as well as the ABH modern renaissance palette.  Team that up with some make up geek eye shadows that foil in to beautiful coppers and reds I would say I am pretty well covered for the colours in the heat palette.

I do begin to wonder if Urban Decay are a bit late off the start line with this palette I mean most companies have done these colours already and have done them well.  Of course every blog post I have seen the blogger loves the palette (I personally am waiting for Stephanie Nichols review, as hers are always honest.  I am sure its a nice palette if you want to break in to the reds / orange and generally warm colours but I think for any make up obsessed fans you probably have these colours.

What are your thoughts?

Below is a pic that I achieved with a Zoeva Bang Bang eyeshadow.

Clothes Designed by a fantastic designer Lian Cara (

Photography by Simons Photography (

Hair by Charis Tyrrell (

Model is the beautiful Lily Lashchelcic


Deciem…….The Ordinary Foundation!

Not heard of Deciem?

I bet you have heard of The Ordinary…….. you know the brand that had a mahoosive wait list for their foundation!

Well Deciem have opened up a shop in London’s Covent Garden, so of course as a lover of all things skin care and make up I had to check it out.  I will be harshly honest the sales assistant that approached me was completely clueless when it comes to skincare which put me off buying a lot of lotions and potions. I mean I will be honest I know the basics of skincare such as HA, AHA, glycolics etc but I am no expert.  I generally look to Caroline Hirons blog for help on that.

Anyway I digress I did buy The ordinary Coverage foundation, There are a wide range of colours (21 to be exact). I of course go for the palest shades, so I picked up 1.0N which is pale and neutral so perfect for us pale skinned beauties.

So what makes this foundation so special? Well according to The Ordinary its a full coverage formulation which a high pigment concentration and the texture is meant to be a lightweight on oily cream that gives a smooth long lasting finish.

All this for less then £7?

Sounds to good to be true if you ask me, So I put it through its paces.  Firstly the packaging is very simple, it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump which is perfect for getting the right amount out of the bottle.

The smell is… well not the best, it has a very chemical smell but this does disappear quite quickly.  Now I have very dry skin so I used a lot of moisturiser and primer before I applied this.  I applied it with a real techniques expert face brush and just buffed it in.  I would say the coverage is medium but very buildable, I personally do not like full coverage as I love being able to see skin underneath foundation.  The pigment is also very intense and I think the coverage would be very easy to build in a couple of layers.  It covered my redness and eye bags reasonable well.

I do think this foundation is more for the normal skin girls as I think it would easily stick to my dry patches had I not prepped my skin and I can also imagine it gets very oily if your skin it oily so maybe set it with a bit of powder.

The staying time was a good 10 hours and I never use a setting spray, I have lost some of the coverage off my nose and under my eyes but nothing too horrendous, so I think if you want a good foundation for less then a tenner then The Ordinary is the way to go.

Is it the best foundation I own………No

Is it the best cheaper foundation I own……..oh yes!!!

pic shows me bare faced, just after application and at the end of the day before removal.


top left is bare faced, right is freshly applied and bottom left is just before removal 10 hours later

Really must make an effort!!

Hi everyone

I know this must be the 3rd time I have said it but I have been slack……..really really slack at writing the blog posts!!

In fairness to me things have been manic with work, make up, nails and face painting. So now things are in some sort of logical order I hope I can get a blog post up on a weekly basis.  This might be based on working as a make up artist, nail tech or just ramblings about my favorite beauty products.

Looking forward to getting started againMe pics -2

pure gym, pure looser

I will be honest with you all I have been a bit slak at the gym and have only been attending about 3 times a week so lets be honest I am getting no where!!!

So I joined my gyms weight loss course, its a 6 week course but aims to help educate about diet and exercise because lets be honest there is no point doing exercise if you still eat crisp and chocolate.

So the measurements were done and written down in our planner and the weekly task it now to keep a food and exercise diary.  I am a firm believer that if your writing down what your eating your more likely  to be a bit more sensible with your food. Of course I have taken it to the extreme and I write in my course folder, a notepad which I take to work and log everything on to ‘my fitness pal’.

You can also collect points for attending the gym etc and those with the most points win prizes (as we all know points mean prizes!!!) Now I am uber competitive so I am out to get the prize and have the most amount of points every week.  This again is a great incentive to attend the gym when its cold and wet and you just want to veg on the sofa.

So wish me luck and hopefully in 6 weeks I will have toned up a little.

ps. I didn’t try and murder anyone for a biscuit on day 1 of healthy eating, wooohoo go me!