My favorite long lasting eyeliner!

So if your in the UK you may have probably realised its a little bit toasty! As I write this its currently the hottest day of the year at 32 degree’s. Now even though I am a make up artist I personally don’t like to touch up my make up once its on. I also commute in to London everyday and use the tube so its safe to say I get hot and sweaty along with the majority of London.

I didn’t really think about my eyeliner until this week when I noticed that after a hot day and a lot of commuting I also did a 45 min boxing class so its fair to say my eyeliner took a beating! But it did not budge…….not a smidge or smear or even fade. So what is the eyeliner I hear you all shout?

Its the artist of make up extreme art eyeliner pen. Artist of make up is a brand owned by and instagrammer and very talented make up artist called Zukreat who does a lot of Asian bridal looks, she sells some gorgeous products and when there is a sale on the website Its a refillable pen that you buy cartridges for which is great for the environment as I am not throwing away plastic eyeliner packaging just a ink cartridge. I have used this daily and it has lasted well over a year and the ink is a gorgeous true black ink and the pen has a a really easy to use brush tip which allows you to get a really fine line and a sharp wing super super easy.

The initial cost is on the higher side but since buying this well over a year ago I have not brought another pen eyeliner so its definitely worth the price in the long run. Its fast and easy to use and the staying power is intense!!!!!

This is available from Debenhams and online.

Have you tried this brand? or do you have a favorite eyeliner that lasts all day?

Let me know.

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