My Favorite mascara’s

I love Mascara and I get through a lot of it, I have tried both high end and low end and below are listed my favorite ones.

Now for the record I find mascara smudges a lot on me so I always need one with alot of staying power.  I am not a massive fan of waterproof mascara for everyday use as I find it a bit harsh on my lashes.  Also my lashes are blond (unless they have been tinted) so I always need a blacker then black mascara.  So please keep these points in your mind when reading this post and choosing a mascara.

  1. Maybelline The Collosal mascara.  This is my all time favorite mascara that I have gone back to time and time again over the years.  Its a great black mascara with a decent size wand, I find it slightly honey scented and the staying power is amazing.  It holds my curl all day and is great for definition and volume.
  2. Fairydrops Scandal eyes.  The wand is bizarre if I am honest with three little balls and a curved wand I must admit I looked at it and thought ………………huh?!?  After use of course it all makes sense, the curved want to fit the curve of your eye and the balls to ensure each lash is coated.  Its a great formula that is amazing at holding a curl as well as adding volume.
  3. Eye of Horus.  I love this mascara for a natural look, it lasts forever and is a beautiful rich black but it wont give volume which is why I prefer it for my no make up days.
  4. YSL Faux cils.  I have this in the burgundy shade because I do love colored mascara, its a big brush and can get a bit messy.  It has a rich red pigment but fear not it is on a black base so you wont have bright red eyelashes.  I do find the red tint brings out the blue is my eyes but remember to clean the waterline or you will look like you have sore eyes.  It gives great volume but not so much of a curl.

Whats your favorite mascara?


One thought on “My Favorite mascara’s

  1. Thank you Vicky for this info. I’m looking for a new mascara but would like to find a brown one as black seems too harsh for me on a day to day basis. This has given me some food for thought. Thanks again for the blog ❤ keep up the good work


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