Gym skin care!

So you all know I am a beauty lover…….or a beauty obsessive if you prefer and I have a huge passion for all things make up and skin care but if I am honest I cant take all my skincare to the gym. My gym bag is already bursting at the seams with 2 towels, flip flops and a change of clothes.  So what do I take?

well it would be very easy to just wash your face with shower gel and rush out the gym to carry on with the day / evening, but no I need to look after my skin especially at this time of year where it gets crazy dry but then exessivly sweaty in the gym.  So I keep things simple and make sure my skin care is as natural and gentle as possible.

Weleda almond cleansing lotion is perfect! Its gentle on sensitive skin but gives a really deep down clean (please note I don’t wear make up to the gym).  For shower gel it has to be weleda arnica shower gel to help all those aching muscles. Its especially good on the burning muscles post personal training session when I can barely get up the stairs after.

My moisturiser is the Weleda almond facial lotion. Its a light cream so does not feel to greasy on the skin but perfectly hydrates post shower and beause it absorbs so easily its perfect for when your on the go.

So there you go that’s my lil routine.  I don’t tend to put body lotion on at the gym which is naughty I know but when I get home I generally massage the relevant aching body parts with Weleda arnica massage balm as this helps to ease the muscles.

As you can tell I love my weleda products as they are easy to transport and idea to just slip in the gym bag.

Whats your favourite portable skincare?

Let me know

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