Things to think about when booking a Make Up Artist!!!

There are a lot of make up artists out there and like in any profession there are good make up artists and some not to good ones.  I have a lot of clients email me or come to me after having gone to a make up artist who was not up to par.  So listed below are some of my tips for when your booking a make up artist, regardless of if its a wedding, prom, photoshoot or you just want your make up done for the day.


I can not stand unhygienic practice so this is a big topic for me.  First of all lets be honest, people do judge by first appearance so does your MUA look professional and hygienic?  Is hair tied back? Did he/she clean her hands before she started touching your face?  This may just be a personal one for me so feel free to disregard the above paragraph.

Now more importantly in hygiene are the make up brushes clean?

Yes its a lot of faff cleaning and sanitizing a million brushes but it has to be done after every client.

 Is the same make up brush being used on you also being used on your best friend? To be honest I know a lot of artists clean brushes between clients by using IPA, personally I like using a different set of brushes per client.

Is that a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders can not be cleaned and sanitized properly due to their porous nature, who knows whats embedding in the middle of that little egg shaped sponge.

Is that a mascara wand?

Your mua should be using a disposable mascara wand or a mini fan brush,  Its not god practice to have what we call double dipping which means putting the wand in the mascara then on your eyelashes and then back in the mascara again.  It can cause spread of infections such as pink eye and conjunctivitis.  (I will let you google ‘lash mites’ for your own viewing pleasure)



Does your make up artist know about skin and what products are best for each skin type?

Can they do a look that does not involve a glitter cut crease with a big wing because lets be honest not all of us can pull of that look.  My mum for example can not because she is 65 and has older eyes.  Which brings me on to my next point, can they work on any age range and features? Whilst it is lovely to work on young skin with a lot of eyelid space we as artists need to be able to adapt our practice to suit our client.

All other important bits

Communication is so important, as an artist I like to know what type of look the client likes, are they allergic to anything, do they want lashes?  All very simple things but without communication we would be going in blind.

Insurance is also vital and no artist should be working without insurance.

Hope this helps you in booking your make up artist, and hopefully no one takes offense at any of my points.



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