Why I wont be buying the Urban Decay Heat palette!

I love all the reds and oranges in the palette, I love urban decay…..but no I wont be buying this palette.

Why!!!!!! I hear you all cry.

Well I have been using reds, orange and rose gold eye shadows for the last year at least, I have some beautiful reds and a rose gold in my Melt stacks as well as the ABH modern renaissance palette.  Team that up with some make up geek eye shadows that foil in to beautiful coppers and reds I would say I am pretty well covered for the colours in the heat palette.

I do begin to wonder if Urban Decay are a bit late off the start line with this palette I mean most companies have done these colours already and have done them well.  Of course every blog post I have seen the blogger loves the palette (I personally am waiting for Stephanie Nichols review, as hers are always honest.  I am sure its a nice palette if you want to break in to the reds / orange and generally warm colours but I think for any make up obsessed fans you probably have these colours.

What are your thoughts?

Below is a pic that I achieved with a Zoeva Bang Bang eyeshadow.

Clothes Designed by a fantastic designer Lian Cara (www.liancara.com)

Photography by Simons Photography (www.simonsphotography.co.uk)

Hair by Charis Tyrrell (www.totocaelo.co.uk)

Model is the beautiful Lily Lashchelcic


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