Deciem…….The Ordinary Foundation!

Not heard of Deciem?

I bet you have heard of The Ordinary…….. you know the brand that had a mahoosive wait list for their foundation!

Well Deciem have opened up a shop in London’s Covent Garden, so of course as a lover of all things skin care and make up I had to check it out.  I will be harshly honest the sales assistant that approached me was completely clueless when it comes to skincare which put me off buying a lot of lotions and potions. I mean I will be honest I know the basics of skincare such as HA, AHA, glycolics etc but I am no expert.  I generally look to Caroline Hirons blog for help on that.

Anyway I digress I did buy The ordinary Coverage foundation, There are a wide range of colours (21 to be exact). I of course go for the palest shades, so I picked up 1.0N which is pale and neutral so perfect for us pale skinned beauties.

So what makes this foundation so special? Well according to The Ordinary its a full coverage formulation which a high pigment concentration and the texture is meant to be a lightweight on oily cream that gives a smooth long lasting finish.

All this for less then £7?

Sounds to good to be true if you ask me, So I put it through its paces.  Firstly the packaging is very simple, it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump which is perfect for getting the right amount out of the bottle.

The smell is… well not the best, it has a very chemical smell but this does disappear quite quickly.  Now I have very dry skin so I used a lot of moisturiser and primer before I applied this.  I applied it with a real techniques expert face brush and just buffed it in.  I would say the coverage is medium but very buildable, I personally do not like full coverage as I love being able to see skin underneath foundation.  The pigment is also very intense and I think the coverage would be very easy to build in a couple of layers.  It covered my redness and eye bags reasonable well.

I do think this foundation is more for the normal skin girls as I think it would easily stick to my dry patches had I not prepped my skin and I can also imagine it gets very oily if your skin it oily so maybe set it with a bit of powder.

The staying time was a good 10 hours and I never use a setting spray, I have lost some of the coverage off my nose and under my eyes but nothing too horrendous, so I think if you want a good foundation for less then a tenner then The Ordinary is the way to go.

Is it the best foundation I own………No

Is it the best cheaper foundation I own……..oh yes!!!

pic shows me bare faced, just after application and at the end of the day before removal.


top left is bare faced, right is freshly applied and bottom left is just before removal 10 hours later

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