pure gym, pure looser

I will be honest with you all I have been a bit slak at the gym and have only been attending about 3 times a week so lets be honest I am getting no where!!!

So I joined my gyms weight loss course, its a 6 week course but aims to help educate about diet and exercise because lets be honest there is no point doing exercise if you still eat crisp and chocolate.

So the measurements were done and written down in our planner and the weekly task it now to keep a food and exercise diary.  I am a firm believer that if your writing down what your eating your more likely  to be a bit more sensible with your food. Of course I have taken it to the extreme and I write in my course folder, a notepad which I take to work and log everything on to ‘my fitness pal’.

You can also collect points for attending the gym etc and those with the most points win prizes (as we all know points mean prizes!!!) Now I am uber competitive so I am out to get the prize and have the most amount of points every week.  This again is a great incentive to attend the gym when its cold and wet and you just want to veg on the sofa.

So wish me luck and hopefully in 6 weeks I will have toned up a little.

ps. I didn’t try and murder anyone for a biscuit on day 1 of healthy eating, wooohoo go me!


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