Pixi Fall collection launch! Day round up!

I cant actually describe how lucky I felt to be able to attend this event, held in their flagship London store in the fashionable Carnaby street area I could not be kept away from this one especially as I already love all things Pixi so far.

The things I focused on for the launch was their lipsticks and skincare collection and I was given the chance to have a skin consultation with one of the team.  The amazing Amanda Bell http://www.amandabellmakeup.co.uk did my consultation and started off with the age old question of whats your main concern from your skin?

Errrr how long have you got? Anyway I wont go in to all the products I got today and the advice I was given (thats for another blog post).  This post of more of a round up of the store and the day its self.

Before attending I was anxious as hell, but as soon as I entered the shop (which had lots of balloons outside) I was made the feel so welcome and all the staff were friendly and chatty. It almost felt like I had not walked in to a shop but in to a meet up with the girls.  Amanda was super friendly and also shares my passion for our pet cats, after a long consultation I was then given time to mull over what I had been told and decide if I wanted to purchase anything, I was also given the consultation paper with everything written down on because I am so forgetful its unreal.

The shop its self is cosy but stocked to the brim of amazing products with the white walls bars and benches it feels very modern and chic which you tend to expect from central London right near Libertys.

Below are a few pictures of the day and keep your eyes peeled for more posts of the launch and the skincare and treats I got.

DSC00168 DSC00169 DSC00170 DSC00172 FullSizeRender (2)

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