What is cleaner beauty?

Did you know its cleaner beauty month?

The beauty industry is a fast paced industry with trends that change like the current British weather.  One thing that has been growing in popularity is cleaner beauty and natural products.

This is where my favorite brand come in to the mix, anyone that knows me knows that I love Weleda products as I use them in abundance which is why I became a wellbeing ambassador with Weleda about 4 years ago.  Some of my favorite products are skin food which I have in my hand bag, my make up kit and my gym bag.  Its a great all purpose dry skin cream that gives your skin that much needed boost of hydration and nourishment.  In my make up artist kit is also the Iris facial lotion which is an amazing mattifying moisturizer so perfect for oily skin.  Almond oil I use in the bucket load for removing make up and when my skin is parched as a boost of hydration and the arnica bath soak and massage oil has been particularly helpful for the 45 min spin classes that I seem to think are a good idea.

Weleda is a brand which has been around since 1921 but since then has remained true to their natural roots and only ever use natrue certified ingredients and each range has different lead plants depending on what you wish to achieve.  My personal Favorite is the rose skin care line, I have always loved the smell of roses in the garden but sometimes rose scented products can just be….not very nice! Luckily Weleda use wile roses in the skin care so the smell is not sickly sweet but a beautiful natural rose smell, its super hydrating and my skin is loving it, its also great for helping those fine lines that seem to be collecting around my eyes I have to say my skin has never looked as good as it does at the moment.

Back to clean beauty I do feel we do not pay enough attention to what we are putting on our skin but also to what we are washing in to our oceans which is why now we only have Weleda shower creams in our house, I will admit it took some time for hubby to get use to his shower cream not foaming up like father Christmas’s beard (as there is no sulfates to foam), he has very sensitive skin but there was no reaction from these lovely shower creams.  I think we both love the sea buckthorn range the most which has an amazing refreshing smell which really perks you up in the morning, teamed up with the body oil the smell is going to last the day but don’t panic its not over powering.

So do you pay attention to the ingredients that are in your lotions and potions?

Do you care about what your putting on your skin and in to the environment or is it something you just have not thought about yet?

Its defiantly something I am interested in and promoting as I want to make the world a cleaner place for the future generations.

Sorry for the lack of pictures on the post, I am still having camera issues which I hope to rectify this weekend.

For more info on the cleaner beauty campaign please search the #cleanerbeauty on Instagram and twitter.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Weleda giveaway over the next few days, its defiantly not one to be missed.

cleaner beauty video

Things to think about when booking a Make Up Artist!!!

There are a lot of make up artists out there and like in any profession there are good make up artists and some not to good ones.  I have a lot of clients email me or come to me after having gone to a make up artist who was not up to par.  So listed below are some of my tips for when your booking a make up artist, regardless of if its a wedding, prom, photoshoot or you just want your make up done for the day.


I can not stand unhygienic practice so this is a big topic for me.  First of all lets be honest, people do judge by first appearance so does your MUA look professional and hygienic?  Is hair tied back? Did he/she clean her hands before she started touching your face?  This may just be a personal one for me so feel free to disregard the above paragraph.

Now more importantly in hygiene are the make up brushes clean?

Yes its a lot of faff cleaning and sanitizing a million brushes but it has to be done after every client.

 Is the same make up brush being used on you also being used on your best friend? To be honest I know a lot of artists clean brushes between clients by using IPA, personally I like using a different set of brushes per client.

Is that a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders can not be cleaned and sanitized properly due to their porous nature, who knows whats embedding in the middle of that little egg shaped sponge.

Is that a mascara wand?

Your mua should be using a disposable mascara wand or a mini fan brush,  Its not god practice to have what we call double dipping which means putting the wand in the mascara then on your eyelashes and then back in the mascara again.  It can cause spread of infections such as pink eye and conjunctivitis.  (I will let you google ‘lash mites’ for your own viewing pleasure)



Does your make up artist know about skin and what products are best for each skin type?

Can they do a look that does not involve a glitter cut crease with a big wing because lets be honest not all of us can pull of that look.  My mum for example can not because she is 65 and has older eyes.  Which brings me on to my next point, can they work on any age range and features? Whilst it is lovely to work on young skin with a lot of eyelid space we as artists need to be able to adapt our practice to suit our client.

All other important bits

Communication is so important, as an artist I like to know what type of look the client likes, are they allergic to anything, do they want lashes?  All very simple things but without communication we would be going in blind.

Insurance is also vital and no artist should be working without insurance.

Hope this helps you in booking your make up artist, and hopefully no one takes offense at any of my points.



Why I wont be buying the Urban Decay Heat palette!

I love all the reds and oranges in the palette, I love urban decay…..but no I wont be buying this palette.

Why!!!!!! I hear you all cry.

Well I have been using reds, orange and rose gold eye shadows for the last year at least, I have some beautiful reds and a rose gold in my Melt stacks as well as the ABH modern renaissance palette.  Team that up with some make up geek eye shadows that foil in to beautiful coppers and reds I would say I am pretty well covered for the colours in the heat palette.

I do begin to wonder if Urban Decay are a bit late off the start line with this palette I mean most companies have done these colours already and have done them well.  Of course every blog post I have seen the blogger loves the palette (I personally am waiting for Stephanie Nichols review, as hers are always honest.  I am sure its a nice palette if you want to break in to the reds / orange and generally warm colours but I think for any make up obsessed fans you probably have these colours.

What are your thoughts?

Below is a pic that I achieved with a Zoeva Bang Bang eyeshadow.

Clothes Designed by a fantastic designer Lian Cara (www.liancara.com)

Photography by Simons Photography (www.simonsphotography.co.uk)

Hair by Charis Tyrrell (www.totocaelo.co.uk)

Model is the beautiful Lily Lashchelcic


Really must make an effort!!

Hi everyone

I know this must be the 3rd time I have said it but I have been slack……..really really slack at writing the blog posts!!

In fairness to me things have been manic with work, make up, nails and face painting. So now things are in some sort of logical order I hope I can get a blog post up on a weekly basis.  This might be based on working as a make up artist, nail tech or just ramblings about my favorite beauty products.

Looking forward to getting started againMe pics -2

Pixi Fall collection launch! Day round up!

I cant actually describe how lucky I felt to be able to attend this event, held in their flagship London store in the fashionable Carnaby street area I could not be kept away from this one especially as I already love all things Pixi so far.

The things I focused on for the launch was their lipsticks and skincare collection and I was given the chance to have a skin consultation with one of the team.  The amazing Amanda Bell http://www.amandabellmakeup.co.uk did my consultation and started off with the age old question of whats your main concern from your skin?

Errrr how long have you got? Anyway I wont go in to all the products I got today and the advice I was given (thats for another blog post).  This post of more of a round up of the store and the day its self.

Before attending I was anxious as hell, but as soon as I entered the shop (which had lots of balloons outside) I was made the feel so welcome and all the staff were friendly and chatty. It almost felt like I had not walked in to a shop but in to a meet up with the girls.  Amanda was super friendly and also shares my passion for our pet cats, after a long consultation I was then given time to mull over what I had been told and decide if I wanted to purchase anything, I was also given the consultation paper with everything written down on because I am so forgetful its unreal.

The shop its self is cosy but stocked to the brim of amazing products with the white walls bars and benches it feels very modern and chic which you tend to expect from central London right near Libertys.

Below are a few pictures of the day and keep your eyes peeled for more posts of the launch and the skincare and treats I got.

DSC00168 DSC00169 DSC00170 DSC00172 FullSizeRender (2)